Independent Study                   Grades 11 – 12                                       1 Credit Full Year

For Self Motivated Students Only

These courses are designed for those serious art students wishing to continue their study of art beyond Sculpture and Pottery 2, Graphic Design, and the Portfolio course. Curriculum for these three courses will be developed on an individual basis to meet the needs of each student. Assessment will be conducted on a contract and portfolio review basis. Contracts and portfolios will be reviewed a minimum of four times a semester. Art History will be studied as it relates to class work and two Art History papers and/or projects will be required. Prerequisite: Sculpture & Pottery 2, Portfolio Art, Graphic Design 2, and Senior Inc., and permission of instructor. Expectations for graduates addressed in this course: E2&4, H-S1, M3, S-T1&3, WL4, A1-9, H3 The required Independent Study Proposal Form must be completed by March.

Drawing & Painting – 0860H       Grades 11 – 12      1 Credit Full Year

Sculpture & Pottery – 0861H       Grades 11 – 12       1 Credit Full Year

Graphic Design – 0869H              Grades 11 – 12       1 Credit Full Year

Digital Photography                      Grades 11 – 12       1 Credit Full Year