The Visual Arts Department of Foxborough Public Schools is dedicated to nurturing critical thinking and visual literacy through an engaging and supportive studio environment. Our curriculum is designed to foster independence through differentiated and self-directed work. We develop a lifelong aptitude and desire to learn, explore, create and invent. The arts program is committed to the process of creating over the product we yield. We encourage students to experiment, persevere and arrive at their own unique solution while promoting skill building, discovery, and innovation. Incorporating art history and contemporary art into the curriculum exposes students to global awareness and viewpoints other than their own. Working in a collaborative peer-learning environment, students develop creative problem solving skills, self-expression, and visual literacy.  

Visual arts education provides every student opportunities to develop the global 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. Visual arts education provides richness and complexity to learning by engaging students in the study of artistic processes, the construction of knowledge, and critical reflection.
— National Art Education Association