Graphic Design 2 – 0864CP / 0864H              Grades 10 – 12                       1 Credit Full Year  

This course is a continuation of Graphic Design 1- 0854. Graphic Design 2 is designed for serious art students wishing to continue their studies in Graphic Design. The Graphic Design curriculum builds on typographic, compositional and digital imaging skills that students started to develop in Graphic Design 1. Students will continue to work with the latest industry standard software (Adobe CD5: Photoshop and Illustrator) as well as traditional fine arts mediums to solve a variety of sophisticated graphic design problems. Final projects will range from 2D posters and prints to 3D package design. This course creates a foundation for an art school admission portfolio relating to a Graphic Design. Prerequisite: Graphic Design 1 CP. Expectations for graduates addressed in this course: E2-4, H-S3, M3, S-T3&4, B1,3&5, H3, A1-9C

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