Graphic Design 1 – 0863CP                            Grades 9 – 12                1 Credit Full Year          

Graphic Design 1 is designed for serious art and graphics students who wish to pursue knowledge in the area of computer generated design. In this course, students will focus on the understanding and use of two industry standard software-packages – Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. These two sophisticated high-powered drawing and imaging software packages are used today by all major advertising and publishing companies. In this course students will begin to explore the power of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop by learning the functionality of the various tools contained within the toolboxes. They will also learn how to apply various filter effects to both drawn and photographic images, how to use and enhance scanned images, and how to import and export both drawn and photographic images so that they could be combined with text to create aesthetically pleasing designs. There will also be a strong emphasis on the use of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. Students will learn the use of basic tools of design, i.e. the intellectual manipulation of the elements and principles of design to create good art. Student assessment in this course will be project-based. Expectations for graduates addressed in this course: E2-4, H-S3, M3, S-T3&4, B1, 3&5, H3, A1-9

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