Sculpture and Pottery 2 – 0857CP                 Grades 10 – 12                   1 Credit Full Year

Sculpture and Pottery 2 is designed for serious art students who wish to continue their studies from Sculpture 1 and or Pottery 1. Students will be introduced to the potter’s wheel as they learn to center the clay, open the form, and pull walls. Students will produce functional dinnerware as they learn new techniques for trimming and glazing. Abstract sculptural forms will be studied as students work with materials that may include wood, stone (soapstone and alabaster), clay and found objects. Homework will be required and Art History will be studied as it relates to the subject matter. Prerequisite: Sculpture 1 or Pottery 1. Expectations for graduates addressed in this course: E2-4, H-S1, M-2&3, S-T2&3, WL2&4, A1-9, H3, H5

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